Cheaper just to hop over? Photo: Hasse Holmberg/Scanpix
travel cards outpace inflation

Cheaper to jump the turnstiles

The day after reporting that the prices for monthly travel cards for public transportation in Sweden have far outstripped the consumer price index, Swedish Radio News says that in many cases it is much cheaper for people to jump the turnstiles or fake an SMS ticket and try to ride for free.

The fines if they get caught are usually much less than the price of a travel card.

In 16 of Sweden’s 21 counties and regions, the fine for getting caught once is less than the price of the card. For example, in Västmanland the monthly card costs around 168 dollars. The fine for riding without a ticket is less than half that.

One exception is Stockholm, where the fine is 50 percent more than the cost of the monthly card.

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