American lobsters on sale in Sweden

Sweden risks a foreign invasion – by lobsters

Sweden risks facing a foreign lobster invasion. Over the past five years, US lobsters have been found in Swedish waters at least five times, and even more often around Norway. Environment Minister Lena Ek fears not only is the risk of new diseases infecting Swedish lobsters, but also the possibility that their larger and stronger American cousins might challenge the domestic crustaceans.

She tells Swedish Radio News that the government wants to ban the import and sale of living lobsters.

At the moment around 250 tons of live lobsters are imported into Sweden from the United States and Canada every year.

The minister says, however, exceptions could be granted for importers who maintain closed systems. Sweden will be applying to the European Commission and the World Trade Organization forpermission to impose a ban, which the government hopes can be in place by next summer.

The minister says she hopes Norway and other EU countries can follow the Swedish example.

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