alleged pilot has an alibi

Helicopter robbery investigation reopened

The case of the high profile 2009 “helicopter robbery” is being reopened, a year and a half after an appeals court upheld and lengthened the sentences.

Swedish Radio News reports that the man convicted of piloting the helicopter, used to rob a G4S money depot outside Stockholm, seems to have an alibi.

In February last year an appeals court upheld the conviction of the alleged pilot and four others with sentences of up to eight years in prison for their involvement in the spectacular robbery.

A stolen helicopter had been flown to the roof of the money depot. The armed robbers then broke in through the glass roof and stole the equivalent of millions of dollars.

New information indicates that the helicopter landed 45 minutes later than originally believed, which the defence says was just after the alleged pilot was filmed by a surveillance camera at a fast food restaurant. In light of the new evidence the public prosecutor has decided to reopen the investigation.