TBE is carried by ticks
Ticks in summertime

Call to subsidize TBE vaccinations

The serious disease tick-borne encephalitis, or TBE, is spreading in Sweden, and now there are calls for vaccinations, which cost more than US$ 200, to be subsidized.

Last year set a record for reports of TBE infections here, but according to the Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control, it looks like there will be even more cases in 2012.

Ticks are very common in some parts of Sweden, especially around Stockholm and its archipelago, and that is where most cases of TBE are reported. But in recent years the disease has also begun to found in other parts of southern Sweden, around the large lakes and along the west coast. TBE has also started to appear in northern Sweden.

Vaccinations can stop the spread of the disease, but the three necessary shots cost more than $US 200, and after that you need a booster every five year.

But in the county of Sörmland, just south of Stockholm, a major area affected by TBE, the local healthcare authorities are now suggesting the time has come for the shots to be subsidized. However, the proposal so far is not for free vaccinations for all, but rather for those at particular risk of being infected.

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