Too high expectations after summer can increase stress, according to researcher Dan Hasson. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/Scanpix.
Back to work

Slow start after summer helps manage stress

No more sleeping late or lazy summer days. For many Swedes vacation is over. Researchers say easing back into a busy work schedule is the best way to cope with back-to-work angst.

Dan Hansson, a stress researcher, told Swedish Radio News that going back to work can be associated with a lot of stress and anxiety and that it can take a few days before people get back into the swing of everyday life. He said it's important to keep expectations realistic.

"I think often the stress is about setting the bar too high for what one can achieve. It can take a few days before you get used to working again and it's important to allow for that time," he said.

The first few days are also a good time for planning, setting goals and priorities, Hansson added.

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