Ulrika Blumfelds is one of the nurses fighting for a higher entry level salary. Photo: Johanna Sjöqvist/Sveriges Radio
Hospitals fear losing experienced nurses

New nurses won't get higher salary

Despite demands from new nurses and a shortage of people working in the profession, hospitals decided not to raise entry level salaries to US$ 3,500 a month, Swedish Radio News reports.

A Swedish Radio News survey of 21 hospitals showed that entry level salaries are, instead, about US $ 3,100 a month.

Karolinska Hospital had a tough time finding summer substitutes due to the low salary but decided not to raise wages anyway.

"That was not an option. It would change the whole wage structure at the risk of losing more experienced nurses," Ann-Britt Bolin, chief medical doctor at Karolinska, said.

Ulrika Blumfelds, spokesperson for the group of student nurses demanding a higher salary, said she declined 10 job offers because of the low salary.

New nurses take jobs at smaller hospitals and medical centers or move to Norway in search of more money.

But the fight for US$3,500 a month is not over, says Blumfelds. "It continues among students. New demonstrations will be held this autumn all over the country," she said.

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