Thomas Quick, now known as Sture Bergwall, has already had three murder verdicts overturned. File photo: SvD / Scanpix
Book about Thomas Quick

The making and un-making of a serial killer

"He got attention"
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Thomas Quick, who later changed his name to Sture Bergwall, is the Swedish serial murderer who confessed to 25 murders. He was found guilty of eight of them. Then, several years ago, he rescinded his confessions. In the past several years, Quick has had three murder verdicts overturned. Five of the cases are pending. These reversals were in part due to the tireless work of the journalist Hannes Råstam, who died in January from cancer.

Råstam's new book – “The case of Thomas Quick: To create a serial murderer” –  has just been published. The editor of the book, Mattias Göransson, spoke to Radio Sweden on Friday.

“This is the strange thing, in becoming the worst serial killer in Swedish history, he got something he never got before, he got attention,” says Göransson.

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