Swedish MEP Cecilia Wikström. Photo: Maja Suslin/Scanpix
sweden second in eu in asylum for syrians

Call for common EU policy on Syrian refugees

The number of refugees from Syria has greatly increased, and Sweden is now second only to Germany among EU countries in accepting asylum seekers from the conflict there.

Swedish Radio News reports that last week 227 Syrians applied for asylum here, and if the trend continues Syrians will be the largest group of refugees in Sweden this year.                 

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, at least 150,000 Syrians have fled to neighboring countries.

So far Europe lacks a common strategy for accepting asylum seekers from Syria, and until recently some countries even sent refugees back. Swedish Liberal Party MEP Cecilia Wikström says the EU should have a common responsibility: “It is important to speak with one voice and not 27,” she tells Swedish Radio News. “Those who succeed in escaping must be received in a decent way in Europe, and for that we need to act together.”

Demonstrators break into Syrian embassy

Demonstrators outside the Syrian embassy, Photo: Henrik Montgomery/Scanpix

11 people have been arrested by police after they broke into the Syrian embassy in the northern Stockholm suburb of Danderyd.

After the police detentions around 15 people continued to demonstrate outside the embassy, chanting “We want democracy in Syria”.



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