Minister for Enterprise Annie Lööf. Photo: Adam Ihse/Scanpix
Minister for enterprise breaks silence on the millions spent on "events"

Lööf: "Very serious"

The Minister for Enterprise and Centre Party leader Annie Lööf has finally commented on the public uproar after recent reports of public money being spent on parties and events.

On Tuesday the newspaper Aftonbladet reported that the Christmas party at the Ministry for Enterprise cost almost US$ 100,000, but was written up as a seminar.

The revelation comes after Minister for Enterprise Annie Lööf called in the heads of the public agencies under her responsibility to discuss a series of reported spending irregularities.

The Ministry disputes the newspaper's figures and says everything was done in accordance with the tax laws.

Now Lööf tells Swedish Radio in Jönköping that she intends to look in to how taxpayers' money is spent in her own Ministry for Enterprise.

"I'm open to stricter guidelines and practices, and seeing if we can improve in some way", she said.

Lööf told Swedish Radio she was meticulous at looking into the case of the millions spend on entertainment and events at the Swedish Agency for Regional and Economic Growth, whose general director Christina Lugnet was fired from her position after the affair.

On why she had not spoken to the press before today, Lööf said:

"I'm not involved in the company, I don't handle accounts and invoices. The head of staff has been handling that."


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