A broken window at the local community hall for Somali migrants. Photo: Alexandra Svedberg/SR
no extra efforts to combat racist attacks

Police: Somalis misunderstand the system

Despite demands from the municipality to increase police efforts in light of reported abuse of Somali children in a small town there, local police say the situation does not require further measures.

At the start of the week, Somali families in the small town of Forserum refused to send their children to school. They say they are being targeted by a racist gang. There are reports of vandalism, threats, and assault and the municipality held a crisis meeting on Wednesday evening.

After the meeting, which social services, school authorities and the local police attended, the municipality decided to involve many different parts of the community in order to combat what they are calling an issue of integration and alienation.

"In such an extraordinary situation, we need to take extraordinary measures", Jon Rydholm from the municipality's social services told the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

But although the municipality has informed local police of the young men they suspect are behind the recent abuse against the Somali migrants and demanded they do more to help, Christer Edlund from the local police in says there is no need to increase police efforts.

"We don't think that the events that have received so much media attention this week should be grounds for extra measures," he says.

Edlund said that the Somali organisation in Forserum, which has demanded more be done by police, do not understand the Swedish police system.

"I don't know how the police work in Somalia, but I think the relationship between police and citizens is much tougher. They should take into account that we work differently in Sweden," he told Svenska Dagbladet.


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