One of the victims in the previous incident. Photo: Johan Nilsson/SCANPIX
cause as yet unknown

More fish wiped out in Skåne stream

All of the fish in a stream in the town of Bjuv have died, in the second such incident in the area over the past month.

Two weeks ago all the fish in the Vege river were killed, following a leak of "organic oxygen-absorbing" material from a nearby Findus pea processing plant, local newspaper Helsingborgs Dagbladet reports. The pea-processing plant has been closed since the first incident.

But on Sunday police were called to the Boserup stream, and found a similar scene.

Findus say the nearby factory has no direct waste outlets into that waterway, but one theory is that waste water from the plant used to irrigate nearby farmlands may have leaked into the stream, and it may have contained the same material as in the previous incident. The fish may then have suffocated to death.

Water samples and dead fish have now been collected to try to find out the cause of the mass extinction.

Local newspaper Helsingborgs Dagbladet says thousands of fish have been killed in the latest incident.

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