One in four women suffer from anxiety

One in four women in Sweden suffer from anxiety, according to figures from Statistics Sweden cited by the newspaper Dagens Nyheter. A third of young women suffer from the problems – but men of the same age have anxiety rates below the average for their sex.

While 25 percent of women cite worry and anxiety in everyday life, the corresponding figure for men is 14 percent.

Ulla Danielsson, a psychiatrist and researcher at Umeå University who has looked into gender differences in the topic, says men and women differ in the way they handle their worries.

"What I found was that many of the women found it easier to talk about shame and guilt. Men often found it easier to talk about physical disorders," Danielsson tells Dagens Nyheter.

She thinks young women have a harder time finding their role in society, and that men are more likely to accepted for who they are.

"Girls have to fight hard for a good education and good jobs," Danielsson says. "Many of the girls I spoke to said they thought more is expected of them."

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