Deadline för förhandlingarna var vid midnatt, men fortsätter också nu in på morgonen. Foto: Scanpix.
Crisis-hit airline seals a rescue package

Union: SAS ignored the "Swedish model"

Eva Nordmark, head of the trade union confederation TCO, is critical of how the Swedish state, which holds the largest share of the airline, has handled negotiations.

Nordmark believes SAS has stepped away from what is known as the Swedish model: negotiations between employers and employees that protect labour rights without state involvement.

"The state has posed ultimatums and expected the unions to agree to the package as is under strict time restraints. That is not in accordance with Swedish tradition," Nordmark tells Swedish Radio News.

But Christer Ågren, vice head of the business group Swedish Enterprise, says the case of SAS is exceptional.

"It is a pretty unique deal on the Swedish labour market. I think it has only been able to come about in a company on the brink of bankruptcy, and the deal delivers conditions that are acceptable and, in many cases, even pretty good on the Swedish labour market," Ågren tells Swedish Radio.

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