Sweden Democrat MP Kent Ekeroth. Photo: Fredrik Persson / Scanpix

SD demanded inquiry into dual citizenship MPs

The Expressen newspaper reports today that it has obtained a classified document from the parliamentary research service which states that the Sweden Democrat Party demanded an inquiry into MPs’ citizenship status.

Sweden Democrats sought to map out members of parliament with dual citizenship, according to Expressen.

The request was declined since it would be resource intensive and could violate privacy laws.

Six months later Sweden Democrat MPs Kent Ekeroth och Thoralf Alfsson submitted a parliamentary motion to forbid those with dual citizenship from joining parliament.

Last week, Kent Ekeroth announced that he would take a “timeout” from politics after Expressen published a video that he filmed on his mobile phone in the summer of 2010.

The video shows Ekeroth and his colleagues Erik Almqvist and Christian Westling embroiled in a drunken argument in Stockholm. In the video, the politicians use racist and derogatory language and wielded aluminum pipes.

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