Gustav Kasselstrand. Photo: Lars Pehrson/SvD

Sweden Democrat youth leader fired

The leader of the Sweden Democrat’s youth wing, Gustav Kasselstrand, has been fired from his post as political secretary for the party.

Kasselstrand recently wrote an op-ed criticizing party leader, Jimme Åkesson, for firing Erik Almqvist – the top SD politician who was filmed using racist and derogatory language during a rowdy argument in central Stockholm in the summer of 2010.

The party confirmed that the opinion piece was a key reason behind Kasselstrand's dismissal.

“I am disappointed. Having a different opinion is not the same as being disloyal,” Kasselstrand told the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper.

Kasselstrand has been the chairman of the party’s youth wing since 2011 and has been involved in several controversies since then. For instance, he once received a warning from the party over an opinion piece in which he demanded recognition of Palestinian statehood.

Kasselstrand said he is determined to ensure that support for the Sweden Democrat Youth grows in the future. His youth leadership position is unpaid.

“Our long-term aim remains: that the Sweden Democrats will be the biggest party in the 2014 mock school elections," he told Svenska Dagbladet.

SD law and order spokesperson resigns

Sweden Democrat Kent Ekeroth is leaving his post as his party’s spokesperson on law and order issues as well as his seat in parliament’s Justice Committee. This follows the recent revelation of a video he took of a party colleague making racist and sexist slurs.

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