The comedian Soran Ismail joined us in the studio. Photo: Gabriel Stein
Soran Ismail

The comic who took on the Sweden Democrats

"This shows their real face"
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“I hate their opinions, I hate their politics, but I don’t hate the people,” says Soran Ismail, a 24-year-old comedian who was filmed in a video that eventually brought down three leading politicians from the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats.

“I hope they have a great life, I just don’t hope they have a great life in politics,” Ismail tells Radio Sweden.

For the past two weeks, the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrat party has found itself at the center of a storm over a video they themselves filmed in 2010.

The video, which the tabloid Expressen got their hands on, shows the top Sweden Democrat politicians hurling racist and sexist slurs, kicking a drunken man, and arming themselves with metal pipes.

The three politicians, Erik Almqvist, Kent Ekeroth, and Christian Westling, have all since stepped down from their prominent positions in the party.

Soran Ismail is a comedian who describes himself as a Swedish Kurd, from Iraq, born in Iran, imprisoned in Syria who grew up in Sweden.

In the video, the Sweden Democrat Erik Almqvist is seen hurling racist slurs at Soran Ismail. And then Almqvist tells Ismail that Sweden is not his country.  

"These are the views that are spreading constantly throughout the country," Ismail says. "The citizenship isn't enough in their point of view, it excludes people and doesn't make them feel at home here."

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