Prototype Spaceship Two, in the Mojave desert in 2009. Photo: Jae C. Hong/Scanpix

Sweden misses space tourism target

People hoping to blast off into space from Sweden may have some years to wait. The northern town of Kiruna has a nearby launchpad, which companies plan to make into a centre of space tourism.

But the planned start date was 2012, and that is not going to happen, says Sven Grahn, who is an advisor to Spaceport Sweden, in Kiruna.

He still thinks that Kiruna could be the starting place for space tourism, but that Virgin Galactic has found it hard to build a working spaceship. The first Virgin Galactic test flight was planned for the Mojave desert in 2011.

"It is hard for the industry to really get going before this happens", says Sven Grahn to news agency TT.

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