Anna Troberg

Pirate Party "doubles membership"

After a file-sharing website linked to the Pirate Party's Facebook page, the party says it has doubled, to 16,000 members. This puts the Pirates, in theory, ahead of the Greens and Left parties, although it is hard to compare figures, since it is free to join the Pirate Party.

The party's leader, Anna Troberg, says to Swedish Radio that she hopes this is a good sign for the party's election work, which begins in a year and a half. Sweden's Pirate Party has two MEPs, but no representatives in the Swedish Riksdag.

In October police raided the file-sharing website Tankafetast, stopping people from downloading files. In protest the website directed all its users to the Pirate Party.

Before the European Parliament elections in 2009 the Pirates had around 50,000 members, ijn the wake of the Pirate Bay trial, but Anna Troberg says the party was not organised enough to hold on to members. She says that this time the party is making more of an effort to engage with new members.

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