Andreas Stefansson, country director for the Swedish Afghanistan Committee in Kabul. Photo: Swedish Afghanistan Committee

NATO troops 'smashed up' Swedish health clinic in Afghanistan

ISAF forces led by NATO vandalised and occupied a health clinic in Afghanistan, according to the aid organisation the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, which runs the clinic along with the Afghan health ministry. For several days in late October, US and Afghan soldiers held staff at the clinic captive and used it as an interrogation centre, Swedish Radio reports.

"They simply occupied a clinic we run and support. They took it over for three days and used it as the base of their military operation and interrogations," Andreas Stefansson, country director for the Committee for Afghanistan in Kabul, told Swedish Radio.

The clinic, located in Sewaka, south west of the capital, was attacked by around 20 US and 100 Afghan soliders even though the Geneva Convention protects caretakers and hospital staff.

ISAF has said the attack was unintentional, but the Afghanistan Committee says signs around the clinic saying it is run by it and the Afghan health ministry are too clear for a mix-up to happen.

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