Government to propose raising pension age

2:46 min

Update: 10:20

The pension age will be raised by two years if a new government proposal is accepted by parliament.

Instead of 61 years of age, the right to early retirement will be delayed to 63. The proposal will also give people the right to remain at work until 69 instead of the current 67 cut-off age, reports Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper.

A pension reforms package, due in April, will also cover possible changes to occupational and private pensions, some of which can be currently paid out from 55.

”We’re looking at different alternatives and it’s important that the different age limits are synchronized with each other,” said Ingemar Eriksson, a government advisor leading work on the proposal.

The trade union organization LO is critical of the proposal and says it can increase the disparity between richer and poorer pensioners.

”At the moment there are many blue collar workers who don’t manage to work until pension age – because of bad working conditions and physically demanding jobs,” LO chief economist, Ola Pettersson, told Swedish Radio.

“If you’re going to make this kind of change then you need to extend the social security net. Otherwise there’s a danger of creating new injustices, and increasing even further the income gap between pensioners.”