community service and fines

Sigtuna pupils guilty of hazing

3:16 min

Five ex-pupils at the elite private Sigtuna school have been found guilty of assaulting a younger pupil.

The court sentenced them to fines and community service, refusing the prosecution's call for a prison sentence, due to the defendents' young age when the crimes were committed.

There has been great interest in this trial, as more details of the traditional humiliating initiation rituals (hazing) for pupils at the school have been revealed. The victim, who is now 17-years-old, was forced down onto his knees and beaten by the other pupils for failing to carry out tasks ordered by the older boys.

The five ex-pupils must pay a total of SEK 28,600 in damages, and carry out between 75 and 160 hours of community service.

Sigtuna boarding school is one of the few truly private schools in Sweden, and past pupils include royals and top politicians.