Sweden sends emergency money to Palestine

Sweden's aid minister says that almost US$ 5 million (SEK 30 million) will be sent to the Palestinian Authority, to make up for tax income that has been seized by the Israeli government.

Aid minister Gunilla Carlsson says to Swedish Radio News that other countries need to participate to "temporarily ease the burden on the Palestinan Authority." Israel has refused to hand over US$ 120 million in taxes that it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, in response to the Palestinan move to be declared a state at the UN.

The Swedish government says that the Palestinian Authority is at risk of collapse. Gunilla Carlsson says that this hinders Israel's chances for peace and stability, and she adds that it is "unsustainable" for Israel to keep breaking treaties.

A spokesman at Stockholm's Israeli embassy says that the US$ 120 million is money that the Palestinian Authority owes to the Israel Electric Corporation.