Government split over sick pay reforms

The Christian Democrat party says that employers should not have to support staff who become ill. Other government parties do not support this change, but it has been welcomed by the blue-collar labour union LO and the national Federation of Business Owners.

The previous Social Democrat government decided that employers must be responsible for the first two weeks of sick pay, saying that it would create an incentive for companies to maintain a healthy work environment. The Christian Democrats say that abolishing the employer's responsibility for sick pay would help companies hire many more staff.

Currently the Social Democrats themselves want to end the system, but in the governing centre-right Alliance only the Center Party agrees with the Christian Democrats. The Moderates and the Liberal Party do not see this reform as a priority.

The LO union federation says that it is not important exactly who pays the sick leave, although any reform has to be linked to measures to maintain a good environment in Sweden's workplaces.