No surprises as favourites win Melodifestivalen

Teenager Ulrik Munther will join Ralf Gyllenhammar (and his flaming piano) in the final of Sweden's contest for a Eurovision entry: Melodifestivalen. The result, which had been predicted by experts, means that there will be only one woman in the final.

Two other acts go on from saturday's contest to the runners' up event next saturday, "andra chansen" They are Robin Stjernberg and Behrang Mir. The latter was in the news last year when he temporarily removed Tintin books from a children's libary, saying they contained racist stereotypes.

Among the acts that failed to win enough votes from the public were the reformed 1990s group Army of Lovers, plus Sylvia Vrethammar, best known for her 1974 hit "Y Viva España."