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Order was restored in Malmö

Well, thank goodness for that. After several weeks of rather unexpected results, the Swedish general public delivered on Saturday, and gave us a result that most of us journalists had predicted... I don't have to give up my day job quite yet then...

The only real surprise was Terese Fredenwall's fifth place, but other than that, things were as business as usual.

Ralf and Ulrik qualified straight to the final, and most observers, me included, now expect the final to be a three-way fight-off between Ralf, Ulrik and Yohio. There is also the possibility that Anton Ewald will make it to the final via Andra Chansen this weekend, and he could also get his fair share of votes, his song is selling well on the download charts.

But with three "teen favourites"; Yohio, Anton and Ulrik, there is the distinct possibility that the teen vote will get split, leaving Ralf Gyllenhammar as the final victor. Rather like when the "dansbands" Friends and Barbados stole votes from each other back in 2000, leaving Roger Pontare as the victor.

Otherwise, the show on Saturday was very entertaining, with some great sketches by the presenters and guests Petra Mede and Sarah Dawn Finer. The sketch with Petra has gotten Swedish Television in a bit of hot water though, it was based very heavily on a skit from the People's Choice Awards from 2012 with Neil Patrick Harris, and it seems SVT didn't clear their version with the US scriptwriters. Oops.

This weekend will see two new qualifiers for the final from the "Andra Chansen" round, i.e the songs that came third and fourth in their semis. Once that is over we will have our ten finalists for the Friends Arena.

It looks like that only one of them will be female, Louise Hoffsten. The rest are male groups or artists. For a contest that has traditionally been dominated by female singers this is unusual. The reasons why the men have done so well this year are being discussed widely in the press, Swedish TV have launched the theory that female singers are being compared unfavourably with Loreen, and are therefore losing out.

But the imbalance is not only on the side of the singers, the huge majority of songwriters are male. There are calls now that public service broadcaster SVT should be doing more to get female songrwiters and composers involved in the competition, and it is a debate that will no doubt continue over the summer.