Police: Turn in your guns, no questions asked

2:11 min

A new weapons amnesty will give private people the opportunity to turn in their weapons to police without having to explain how the weapons were acquired, reports Swedish Radio News. The amnesty starts this Friday.

"We usually get a large amount of weapons," says police spokesperson Tomy Lindh to Swedish Radio news. "People who turn in their weapons, which could be inherited for example, can do that without being suspected of a crime."

The program allows people who have acquired unlicensed weapons to hand them into police with no questions asked. Otherwise, it would be a crime to possess the weapons.

The first weapons amnesty program started in 1993, when 777 weapons and 600 kilos of ammunition were voluntarily given to police. In 2007, people turned in 600 weapons and two tons of ammunition.

"We believe there are still many weapons out there," says Lindh. "Weapons can also have been stolen and could fall into the wrong hands - this is one of the reasons why we are continuing this program."