Sweden boots snowboard star for online habits

Swedish snowboarder Kevin Bäckström has been forced to quit the national team due to his behaviour on the internet and in social media, where he regularly posts images of showing their underwear with his initials written on their skin.

"We condemn this type of behaviour and have decided after careful consideration to let Kevin leave the national team," said Olle Danielsson, head of the Swedish snowboard team, who spoke to Swedish Radio.

After a visit to a strip club in the fall of 2012, Bäckström and his teammates were told to act as a role models, but Danielsson said that message did not "seem to have had any effect" on Bäckström.

The snowboarder said his dismissal was "very unfortunate".

"I've only kept posting pictures, as I have for months, of girl's butts, ones that they have sent to me," he told Swedish Radio. "I have nothing against women," Bäckström added.