Alliance sets up manifesto working groups

The four party leaders of the centre-right government Alliance continued their 2014 electoral strategy talks in Småland Tuesday. At a pre-lunch press conference, it was announced that the Alliance parties have agreed to set up working groups in five policy areas that will form the basis of a common election manifesto.

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said that the meeting at the childhood home of Centre Party leader Annie Lööf is very important.

"It is a starting point for the next election in 2014. We have agreed on some common goals and we will try to win the confidence of the Swedish people to lead the country," Reinfeldt said.

The prime minister also stressed the importance of the four party leaders in the coalition working together, a response to some reports that they did not get on.

"We are close enough to take responsibility together".

Liberal Party leader Jan Björklund spoke of different strategies for the election in 2014, including the Alliance Convention in June 2014, which was discussed in talks on Monday and even "study visits" where Alliance politicians shall travel around Sweden's 21 counties to gauge the views of the electorate.

Centre Party leader Annie Lööf developed the theme of the working groups looking at five policy areas which will go to creating an election manifesto, to be presented in August at the latest.

The five policy areas are jobs and the economy, knowledge and research, sustainable development, welfare and healthcare and "a more secure life for all".

Each working group will be led by a representative from each party, but none of the party leaders. The names will be conservative Moderate Party finance minister Anders Borg, the Liberal Party equality minister and deputy education minister Maria Arnholm, the Centrist environment minister Lena Ek, the Christian Democrat children and elderly minister Maria Larsson and the conservative Moderate justice minister Beatrice Ask.