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Malmö getting ready for the Euro fans

5:10 min

The Melodifestival has now moved on from Malmö to Karlstad, leaving Malmö to prepare for the big event later in May. The 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

I have to admit I was one of those that was a bit sceptical when the announcement came last year that Malmö would be hosting the Eurovision, and not Stockholm.

But having been to Malmö Arena I now think it could be a good choice. The arena is really quite new, feels quite intimate even though it can take 10 thousand spectators, and it is next door to a huge shopping centre. That will be great for the visiting delegates, plenty of restaurants to choose from...

Communications to Malmö and Copenhagen are impressive as well. It's just seven minutes by commuter train to central Malmö, and just 20 minutes by the same train to central Copenhagen. Indeed, the arena's Hyllie train station is the first stop in Sweden for the Öresunds train after crossing the sound from Denmark.

It was however bitterly cold last week, hopefully it will be warmer in May.

While in Malmö I also spoke to the head of Malmö City Council's tourism department, and one of the men that made sure the contest could come to the city, Johan Hermansson.

We had a short chat about what the city has planned. Their goal is to get Eurofans and local residents to mix and get to know each other in the central part of the city. They will set up a "Euro-village", which will feature stages and tents. It's no small challenge for them though. Eurofans very rarely step outside the "Eurobubble", but maybe the small size of Malmö will make this easier.