Ikea meatball producer finds no horsemeat

The Swedish meat supplier of Ikea's own brand of meatballs said Tuesday it had found no horsemeat in over 300 tests of the product in which Czech authorities claim to have discovered traces of horse DNA, reports AFP.

"Out of 320 tests performed in the last three weeks, none contain horsemeat," said Ulf Dafgård, the chief executive of Swedish food company Dafgårds.

"We continue to perform further tests," Dafgård said in a statement.

In addition, the Swedish company said it had unsuccessfully tried to contact the Czech lab that found the horsemeat in Ikea's meatballs, prompting the furniture giant to stop selling meatballs at its stores in 24 countries.

The State Veterinary Administration in the Czech Republic said on Monday that it had found horsemeat in meatballs supplied to Ikea.