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Computer owners being charged for TV license

Radiotjänsten, the agency which collects TV license fees, has started asking Swedes who do not currently have a license if they own a computer or a tablet, according to IT magazine, Computer Sweden.

When public service company Swedish Television (SVT) began broadcasting its channels on the internet this year, it was said that all computers and tablet owners that could theoretically watch it with an internet connection must also pay the TV fee, according to current legislation.

Gustav Johansson, MD at Radiotjänsten told Computer Sweden, "We have begun very carefully, and those persons we've contacted usually say they do have some sort of device."

Radiotjänsten adds that if computer users can prove that they cannot watch SVT online, by asking their internet provider to block SVTs servers, then they do not have to pay the license.

SVT management had earlier said that Radiotjänst would not try to chase possible internet viewers until a final decision is made by the government on how public service broadcasting should be financed in the future.

The licence fee currently costs SEK 2,076 per household and finances public service TV and radio, including Radio Sweden.