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Syndicalists sold job offers to immigrants

Members of the Syndicalist union sold work permits to immigrants, reports Swedish Radio News. Now the entire local union branch implicated has been kicked out of the Syndicalists.

The Syndicalists are a smaller union, which split from the main LO confederation in 1910. On its website the union says that the Västerorts LS branch in Stockholm has been expelled after an investigation launched in September 2012.

Today, people from outside the EU can come and work in Sweden if they have a job offer.

Syndicalists have told Swedish Radio News that jobs were sold, mostly to people from South America, for between SEK 20,000 and 40,000. Most of the jobs were for temporary cleaning, catering or building work.

The chair of the expelled Västerorts branch, Ruben Tastas Duque, says to Swedish Radio News that he was not involved in the corruption, despite reports of minutes of a meeting, which show that he knew that jobs were sold.