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Horse meat scandal

Why supermarkets have dumped tonnes of food

Across Sweden supermarket stores have destroyed about 25 tonnes of frozen food due to the presence of horse meat.

Axfood has destroyed about 3 tonnes of lasagna; Coop supermarkets dumped roughly a tonne of meatballs and Findus has withdrawn more than 7 tonnes of lasagna. 

The largest quantity of food was destroyed by Ica: 50,000 packets of Ica Basic lasagna weighing 20 tonnes.

The waste of so much edible food has led to protests and demands for the food to be donated to charities. But that is not possible due to health considerations says Ica press spokeman Staffan Ekengren.

“We don’t know if we can rely on these products at all and the law requires us to gurantee food safey,” he told Swedish Radio.

“And when something like this happens the refrigerated supply chain gets disrupted - we can’t donate food that we can’t vouch for.”

Meanwhile several experts involved in an official investigation into illegal trade in horse meat a decade ago have told Swedish Radio that there is no political will to solve the problem.

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