Lab testing company busy these days

Lab testing company sees busy days ahead

Because of the latest food scandal, where horsemeat had been labeled as beef, it is not surprising that many Swedish food companies are more keen now than ever to analyze the ingredients in foods they sell, according to Swedish Radio. While Sweden’s National Food Administration is where many would turn to, this agency is now short on time, as EU Commission requests take priority.

This is where laboratory testing company Eurofins, located in Lidköping, Sweden, comes in. Fredrik Westerberg, Head of Food Chemistry at Eurofins, says they are working very hard right now. He points out that the number of DNA tests for horses has increased by several hundred percent since the news broke out in February.

Every day food samples leave Lidköping to be DNA tested. They are packaged at the lab and then shipped to the company's laboratory in Denmark or Germany.

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