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Pirate Bay North Korea prank confirmed

Several Swedish media outlets reported yesterday that the controversial file-sharing website, The Pirate Bay, was moving its servers to North Korea. But widespread suspicions that the news was a prank were confirmed today, reports the website

“Today a new chapter opens in the movements history. We can reveal that we were invited by North Korea’s leader to continue the fight from their network,” wrote one blogger on The Pirate Bay website on Monday, using the pseudonym Kim Jung-Bay.

“We believe that our virtual asylum in North Korea can be the first step in the country’s new way of looking at access to information.”

The press release was widely reported on websites and social media around the world, with most outlets acknowledging that it had to be a practical joke.

Just over a week ago Sweden’s Pirate Party, which has two members elected the European Parliament, announced that it could no longer host the file-sharing website due to legal action. Yesterday the Norwegian Pirate Party took the same decision.

The four founders of The Pirate Bay were convicted for copyright crimes in 2010 but the site remained online and the servers were moved to the same location as those of the Swedish Pirate Party until now.

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