Swedish classroom Photo:Janerik Henriksson / Scanpix.

Schools should be safe zone for migrants: Children's Ombudsman

The Ombudsman for Children in Sweden, Fredrik Malmberg, has criticized the Swedish government for not prohibiting police from entering schools to pick up children of illegal immigrants. A new law taking effect this summer will allow these children to attend school, but Malmberg told Swedish Radio that some will avoid going to school for fear of the police.

"What’s happening now is that some children don’t dare to attend school for fear of being picked up by the police. This worries me. We have seen this happen in other EU countries when there is no ban to enter schools. It is very intimidating to parents to send their children to school," said Malmberg.

In recent weeks, there has been controversy around police practices of enforcing ID controls in public to try and find illegal immigrants. At the same time, the Swedish parliament is reviewing a proposal from the government and the Green Party to give undocumented children the right to education.

However, the bill does not include any specific rules that limit police from entering schools.

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