Sergels Torg, or "Plattan", in central Stockholm. Photo: Jenny Groth/Andreas Dybeck

Cheap heroin sold openly in central Stockholm

"It's almost as if there are more dealers than addicts."
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Sergels Torg, a central Stockholm square also known as “Plattan”, is notorious for being a place where drug dealers sell their ware. But what is different today is that drugs such as heroin are now cheaper and more readily available than in the past – and they are sold openly, or even given out for free, Swedish Radio has found.

One heroin user, “Johan”, told Swedish Radio that he goes to the square to buy his drugs.

“It’s almost as if there are more pushers than addicts,” he said. “Some days I can see at least seven dealers at the same time.”

Stockholm city police are aware of the situation and are frustrated. "Our work is hopeless,” said narcotics police agent Lennart Karlsson. “We pick up about 10 dealers a month. But they are soon replaced.”

Stockholm’s undercover narcotics squad admitted that there has been an increase in the drug trade since heroin became cheaper. This despite the efforts of the special force to eradicate it at the end of 2012.

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