rescued by firecrews

Fisherman floats away on ice floe

A man in his 70's who had gone out onto the ice with a friend to fish early Saturday suddenly found himself floating away on an ice floe on Lake Vänern. He was rescued by firecrews shortly before 9am at Forest Hall, Hammarö outside Karlstad.

The men were fishing when a chunk of ice they were standing on broke off and started to drift. One of the men managed to jump onto solid ice but the other was left on the ice floe that became detatched. He called emergency services and a helicopter and rescue boat was sent to the scene.

"Two firefighters paddled their way to him with a rescue board and then we sent out a boat to pick them up," says Björn Johansson, chief fire officer in the Karlstad region, to newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

The fire chief added that the ice floe was moving quickly.

"When the firemen came up to him, there was almost 300 meters distance between the floe where he sat and the solid ice edge," says Björn Johansson.

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