Apartment waiting lists grow all over Sweden

It is becoming much harder to find a rental apartment in Sweden – and not just in the big cities, reports Swedish Radio News. Waiting times to get apartments are drastically rising in most places.

For example, there are 19,000 people queuing for a place to live in the city of Linköping. And in Örebro, the wait is 2.5 years longer today than it was five years ago.

Ekot asked over 1,000 private and public housing companies around the country how long it takes people to get a first-hand contract. Over 550 responded.

Five years ago it may have taken people a couple of years to get an apartment with the private housing company Galären in Luleå. Today, the situation is much different.

"We were forced to get rid of our waiting list," says Gunnar Thålin, the CEO at Galären. "We made the judgment that it would take someone 30 years to get an apartment".

The companies who responded to the survey have over 2 million people waiting for a place

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