Malmö closes four schools after finding guns

The city of Malmö has closed four schools today after several guns were found Thursday afternoon near one of the schools, reports Swedish Radio news. Around 1,300 students and children are affected.

Students and personnel from Heleneholmsskolan, Munkhätteskolan, Heleneholms pre-school and Musikhögskolan were told to stay home.

The tabloid Kvälssposten reports that a worker found a hunting rifle, a dismantled shotgun, and ammunition on the roof of Heleneholmsskolan in southwest Malmö.

”I woke up and saw that I had a text message from the school where it said that the school was closed the entire day so that police could search through the school,” says Ebbe Gerrten, a high school student at Helenhomsskolan.

He tells Swedish Radio news that there has been fights at the school. He said there was a big fight a few days ago between students and people who did not go to the school. He said police were at the school all day on Thursday and that is when they found the weapon.

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