Carginogenic material were found on grapes. Photo: Erland Vinberg/Scanpix.

European report finds pesticides in many foods

A European Food Safety Authority report found residue of chemical pesticides in half of the 77,000 tests it did on more than 500 food products. The foods that have the highest concentrations according to the report include oat, grapes, strawberries and citrus fruits. And carcinogenic material has also been found in grapes.

Health authorities around the world do not know what effect the chemicals we come in contact with have on our health. But it is hard to avoid them.

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation says it is a jungle. They say one way to avoid chemicals is to choose organic if you can afford it. "Otherwise you should wash and peel food as much as you can. Then you get rid of the chemicals anyway," Johanna Sandahl, at the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, tells news agency TT.

But the European Food Safety Authority says people should not worry about long-term health effects.

"Just because you go over the limit doesn't mean there's a risk to consumers," says Anders Jansson, an inspector at the Swedish National Food Agency.

The products analyzed in the report were sold in the EU, Island, and Norway.

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