Sture Bergwall starts a company to write a book

A new company has been registered in Sweden. It is called Schnelles Geld, which means Fast Cash in German. Behind the company is Sture Bergwall, the "serial killer" formerly known as Thomas Quick, and his lawyer, Thomas Olsson.

"It's the company that's going to make it possible for Sture to write a book about his life," Olsson tells news agency TT.

In February, a court in Norrbotten ruled that three murder convictions for Bergwall should be reviewed.

Swedish courts have already overturned five of the eight murder convictions against Bergwall. He had been sentenced to psychiatric care at Säter in 1991 but when he was due for release, he admitted to a string of murders, leading him to be known as Sweden's "worst serial killer of modern times". But he took back his confessions in 2008.

In an interview with the tabloid Aftonbladet, Bergwall laughed about the name of the company. "That's Thomas Olsson's humor, typical for him," he said.

Bergwall says Olsson and one of his colleagues have injected start-up capital into the project.

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