Sven Yrvind with his half-completed boat. Photo:Dave Russell/Radio Sweden
Swedish pensioner to sail non-stop around the world in 10 foot boat

600 days at sea on a diet of muesli and sardines

"I will survive on muesli and sardines"
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Sven Yrvind is something of a legend in Swedish sailing circles. The 73-year-old has been designing, building and sailing boats for over fifty years and has received numerous awards. Now he is embarking on his most ambitious journey to date, sailing non-stop around the world in a three-metre boat. Radio Sweden went to meet the man from Västervik. 

His boat is only half-finished. The hull is complete and Sven Yrvind says he designed it to keep him warm in the cold winter months out at sea. The hull is a composite foam and fibre glass. He's currently working on designing and building the boat's two masts and its rigging, which he says will be unique.

He admits that the 48,000 kilometre journey in a three-metre sail boat will be dangerous but says that's " it's a myth" that bigger boats are safer.

Storage space is obviously at a premium, and Sven Yrvind tells Radio Sweden that he will survive on a diet of muesli, sardines and water as well as a plentiful supply of books to feed his mind. He will exercise by swimming, even during the colder weeks of his 20-month journey.     

Asked if he will miss the company of people, the 73-year-old says that he prefers to be out at sea where he can "clear his mind" of everything associated with modern living.

He says that there is no launch date set for his epic journey. If he completes his trip, he will make history for sailing the smallest boat around the world without docking on land.

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