Seized cannabis from an apartment floor in Tuma. Photo: Police

Police uncovering more home-grown cannabis

Police believe that more people than ever grow their own cannabis at home, reports Swedish Radio news. Statistics from the Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science or SKL show that the number of tests that turn up positive for cannabis has more than doubled in the past five years.

Last year police in Södertorn raided 39 cannabis farming operations, compared to 19 in 2011. The evidence from the seizure was taken to SKL for analysis, just like thousands of other seizures throughout the year.

SKL did almost 9,000 tests of cannabis in 2007. Five years later the number had doubled. In 2012, SKL did 20,000 tests of cannabis seized by police.

In addition to the jump in seizures, police say they are now finding more marijuana than hash.

Daniel Löfgren with the police says it is most common that they find very small growing operations where someone has a few plants in a closet or a growing tent. “If you grow yourself then the costs go down for you. Plus you make a lot more money doing it,” Löfgren says.

He says demand is very high in Sweden today for cannabis. “Compared to only a few years ago, young people have changed their views and don’t think it’s that dangerous anymore,” he says.

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