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Training hopes to get more mothers to breastfeed

Three hundred healthcare workers in Skåne in the south of Sweden will get training so they can help new mothers breastfeed their babies. Breastfeeding is at its lowest level in Sweden in 20 years. And Skåne is one of the regions that is below the curve.

"We want women to get the help they need to breastfeed their babiesin a positive way, without making it a question of morality or that those who don’t breastfeed should be made to feel guilty,” says pediatrician Marie Köhler, to the newspaper Sydsvenskan.

Skåne says four in five babies at the age of 4-months should breastfeed. But today only half of the 4-month-olds in the county breastfeed.

Köhler says there are major differences in breastfeeding trends depending on where you live in the county.

Skåne’s goal is to have 80 percent of 6-month-olds to be breastfed. Today that figure stands at 59 percent.

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