Photo: Henrik Montgomery/Scanpix.

Center Party divided on nuclear energy vote

With only a few votes to spare, Center Party members turned down an appeal to write a stronger worded statement against nuclear energy at their party meeting on Saturday. The close debate is another sign that that the party is still divided on the nuclear energy question.

The softer language that the party eventually backed stated that the “Center Party’s vision is to have a society without nuclear energy.”

Opponents wanted to strike out the word “vision” completely and instead write that the party wanted to phase out nuclear energy completely in less than a generation. “We should speak clearly – Away with nuclear energy,” said Owe Wiktorsson, a Center party politician from Bohuslän, reports Swedish Radio news.

But several speakers warned against writing a more strongly-worded statement. Torbjörn Egerhag, who sits on the Center Party board, wants to move the party away from the debate around nuclear energy.

“People who see this meeting from the outside wonder. We need to discuss other subjects,” he said.

Members are discussing the party's statement of general policies before the 2014 elections. The Center Party has been polling below the 4 percent level it needs to stay in Parliament.

At the meeting, the party decided to call itself a liberal party, a label the Center leadership had fought for.

They also had a heated discussion on whether income taxes should be more or less progressive and whether counties and municipalities should have more authority to set their own taxes, for example taxes on mining and hydroelectric power.

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