Icebreaker Frej. Arkivfoto: Ola Andersson/Isbrytaren Frej.

Icebreakers busy in the cold and windy Baltic

Icebreakers in the Baltic have had a few hectic days due to the hard winds and ice that is building from the cold temperatures, reports Swedish Radio news.

Lars Bertil Gustavsson captains the icebreaker Ale in the Gävle Bay. He says hard winds and freezing temperatures can push up the ice and cause problems.

Icebreakers have been busy along the Botnian bay between Sweden and Finland. Strong winds up to 72 kilometers per hour have pushed together the ice. Then the cold temperatures have quickly formed more.  Several ships have gotten stuck and had to wait for assistance from icebreakers.

But now the weather is getting better and the situation is returning to normal. “Now there’s no more problems. The traffic is moving along with the help of icebreakers,” says Gustavsson.

He says the ice tends to be thickest until about the middle or end of March.

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