Swine flu vaccination, Photo: Marit Hommedal / Scanpix
swine flu

Vaccine increased narcolepsy risk

According to a new report, the mass swine flu vaccination drive here led to an increase in a serious disease among children.

 When the swine flu pandemic arrived in 2009, Sweden, like many other countries, launched a mass vaccination campaign. But, according to a study presented Tuesday, the vaccine chosen, Pandemrix, apparently had serious risks for younger people.

According to the Medical Products Agency, there was an increased risk of the sleeping sickness narcolepsy among children and adults under the age of 20, with a declining risk with increasing age, although they haven’t established a direct link between the vaccine and the disease.

There were 126 cases of narcolepsy reported among those young people who received the vaccination, compared to 20 among those who didn’t.

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