Fredrik Reinfeldt

Reinfeldt rejects British call for less immigration

Sweden's prime minister says that there has been no major "welfare tourism" from Romania and Bulgaria to Sweden, and this is a lesson worth passing on to countries like the UK.

The UK prime minister, David Cameron, yesterday said that Britain was a "soft touch" for people coming to take advantage of social services, and promised to limit immigration from EU countries.

Sweden's prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, says to Swedish Radio News that this reminds him of the Swedish debate on "welfare tourism" ten years ago, under the Social Democrat government. Reinfeldt says that Sweden made a "wise choice" by not bringing in temporary restrictions on immigration from eastern Europe.

The leader of another party in the Swedish government, the Christian Democrats' Göran Hägglund, also responded to the British prime minister's speech, saying that Cameron's language was "terrible", and that it created an "us and them" situation.


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