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Katy Benchman's 14 month old daughter attends a Chinese-Swedish preschool. Photo: Tom Sullivan/Radio Sweden
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Jill Nilsson, principal of the Stockholm International Montessori School which offers Chinese from aged 3. Photo: Tom Sullivan/Sveriges Radio
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Chinese preschool teacher Jenny Wang. Photo: Tom Sullivan/Sveriges Radio
Education in Sweden

Chinese language students get younger

"Languages should be taught when children are young"
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Interest in learning Chinese at school is growing fast in Sweden. Last year the education minister pledged that in just over a decade every school in the country will teach the language.

Few experts believe that goal is possible without a huge increase in teacher training. But as our reporter Tom Sullivan found out from one mother, the students are getting younger and younger.

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"Hopefully a modified curriculum can change things"

Gunnar Stenberg , director of education at the National Agency for Education, tells Radio Sweden it will take over a decade to approach the teaching capacity required to meet the government's ambitions.

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